Guardian Interlock Device

Refining 20 years of progress in the BAIID industry, our parent company, Guardian Interlock, has developed the industry’s most advanced interlock system.

Our interlock system fits into your vehicle without taking over. Its sleek, ergonomic design means convenience for you, and its accurate, reliable systems mean clear data for our technicians and the state.

Our unique detachable handset allows you to simply remove the unit from your vehicle when it needs serviced. By maintaining an operating system apart from your vehicle, we save you the effort and expense of having the whole thing towed to a service center for a simple recalibration.

Features and Benefits

  • The most affordable solution on the market,
    less than $2.60 per day
  • Easy payment options: month-to-month payments
  • Service center locations throughout the U.S.,
    400 Service Centers in 28 states
  • Flexible installation and Calibration times,
    same-day service available
  • Easy-connect USB capability
    makes for quick monitoring appointments
  • Monitoring authority compliance maintained for you
  • Displays days until next service each time
    the device is turned on
  • Handset is detachable,
    eliminating costly towing charges
  • Push-Button Start Compatible
Easy to Use
  • User friendly with easy-to-read display
  • Fast start-up time and rapid test results
  • Audible and visual signaling
Push Button Start Compatibility
  • For higher end and luxury vehicles
Compact and Comfortable
  • Fits comfortably in the hand
  • One of the smallest on the market
  • Compact Size for space-restricted areas
Reliable and Accurate
  • Fuel cell-based devices for consistent accuracy
  • Alcohol specific; no false positives
  • Reduced warm-up time in cold temperatures
  • Not affected by altitude
  • Accuracy exceeds NHTSA specifications (-40° to 180° F)
Excellent Support
  • Excellent 24/7 online and
    telephone customer support
  • Full training provided to the
    participant upon each installation
  • Service Technician On-Call
    in the event of emergency


No worries! We are here to help!

DUI's are confusing. We are here to make sure you understand the interlock program and how it impacts your driving privileges. Together, we can make sure you adhere to the interlock program and maintain your driving privileges.

Guardian Interlock Systems of Enid, Oklahoma

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Enid, Oklahoma 74145

Call: (580) 237-9900

Hours of Operation

Tuesday - Saturday: 11am - 7pm
Sunday: Closed
Monday: By Appointment only


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